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What we do: A hybrid scheduling solution that is easy to use and integrate into your workforce. Our application is optimised for MS Teams with security and usability at the forefront of our values, connecting workforces globally.









Simplify your hybrid workplace coordination

Manage workplaces, synchronise colleagues, view team members locations and simplify meeting planning, all in one place.


Synchronised teams


Simplified meeting schedules


Productive office days


Flexible hybrid policies

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Making every workday count with industry leading coordination tools

Keep your colleagues up to datewith where you’re planning to work from

Put an end to wasted office days spent unable to collaborate with the people who matter most! Instantly update and share your schedule while having the ability to view your colleagues' schedules as well.

Achieve your goals faster withvaluable data insights

Unlock unique behavioural insights for a deeper understanding of your workspace, empowering you to establish, accomplish, and adapt workplace goals.

Inform your decisions with smart suggestions and helpful tips on workplace occupancy, key events and more

Make the best choices to collaborate, create and be productive in your hybrid work environment.

Sync with your calendar so you know how and where your meetings take place

We show you when you have meetings with high attendance and indicate the meetings location to assist you in organising your schedule.

Create andmanage a flexible work environment for your organisation

Implement hybrid work policies to set limits on remote or office work days, creating a flexible schedule while ensuring team members are present in the office when needed.


Hybrid Healthy's growing number of features for collaboration, creativity and productivity. If your team requires something specific, reach out to us.

Multiple Offices 🏢

Add, edit, name and locate multiple offices across your organisation, keeping your multiple office locations transparent in your organisation.

Statistics 📊

A glance location of your colleagues working locations, making it easy to see where the your team are each day.

Team Planner 📒

A display of where each of your team members are planning to work. Select which day, team or specific member you want to view and pin your closely worked with colleagues at the list top.

Location requests

Send a quick nudge to the whole team or individual members, asking them to populate their working location ensuring collaboration on your working days.

Hybrid Work Policy 📄

Implement restrictions on home or office days, ensuring specific team members are present in the office on designated days as per your requirements.

Chatbot/Notifications 💬

Friendly reminders to your team members, keeping them engaged with your team planner and working locations transparent.


We’re always improving our product to help optimise your hybrid work environment. Keep in the loop or contact us to help us improve.

Predictions 🔮

Quickly update your work location via a simple ChatBot message, which uses your most common locations, to make predictions about your future locations.

Office Summary

Delve deeper into a specific office space with Office Summary, giving you a brief overview of who is in a specific office, its occupancy, average attendance and physical events.

Request a feature

If your team needs something specific that isn’t listed above, we may be able to build it for you.

Reach out!

Easy deployment with seamless Microsoft Teams integration

As a Microsoft Teams approved application, the architecture of our solution leverages Microsoft’s best practices and recommendations, for optimal speed, infrastructure and security.

Let your chosen admin install Hybrid Healthy and make it available for everyone! All your desired users have to do is, well, literally nothing!

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We asked our customers, ' What’s changed since using Hybrid Healthy?'

“We use this app across the whole company and it's great for planning your week, especially now they have added the multiple offices feature, now we can easily see who will be in which office and when!” 

Andrew Nimmo, Special Operations Technician @ Tyler Grange 

“The app has been good to help different teams have visibility of colleagues from other teams and help make planning easier.” 

Jim Dionisio, VP of Technology @ HD Fowler 

“We have recently started returning to the offices from working fully remote. As we currently have a combination of hybrid working teams, fully remote and only in-office we found Hybrid Healthy helping us with team’s visibility and to better organise our meetings and projects.” 

Yeojin Park, Senior Production Manager @ aLanguageBank 


Improve your hybrid workplace today

Try out the app and give us feedback so we can make your working life as easy as it should be.

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What we do

A hybrid scheduling solution that is easy to use and integrate into your workforce. Our application is optimised for MS Teams with security and usability at the forefront of our values, connecting workforces globally.

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